Opportunities offered to all pre-college students through my professional affiliations:


          1. Gold Cup trophy event of the National Federation of Music Clubs

          2. Student Achievement Program trophies offered by the Greater

              Rochester chapter of the Music Teachers National Association.

          3. Additional performance opportunities sponsored by the Rochester Piano

              Teachers Guild, Inc.

          4. Howard Hanson Award audition for high school seniors who aspire to this

              prestigious award which includes a formal winners’ recital.

          5. Please inquire about special opportunities for above average students.


As an additional service to all students’ parents, I obtain the necessary music books and materials needed for lessons.  A separate billing for those materials will take place near the end of each semester.


Academic Year Schedule


Formally scheduled piano lessons are taught beginning mid- September 2014 and ending early June 2015.  Tuition pays for 28 private lessons during the academic year.  The schedule follows a one-week Thanksgiving break, two-week Christmas break, one or two-weeks near the February school break, and one-week April school break when lessons will not normally be scheduled.  Please check the calendar I will provide you for other changes during the year.


It is the responsibility of the student/parents to take advantage of the 28 lesson dates.  I do provide several make-up lesson dates scheduled throughout the year for students who have had absences.  Make-up lessons are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

I do not guarantee that each of a student’s missed lessons can be made-up.

With moderate commitment and cooperation from the student’s family a fully successful course can be completed by June even with several absences.


Also included throughout the year are performance classes prior to auditions (examinations), competitions, or recitals.  These classes are an essential part of gaining performance confidence and trying-out new repertoire.


Total tuition for the academic year (September through June) is divided into three payments:


1. Pre-payment for next academic year is due in early June

2. First Semester is due the first lesson in September

3. Second Semester is due the first lesson in December


For detailed tuition information or to find out schedule availability, please Contact me to request a personal interview.